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2023 League Registration First and

Second Claim Bourne Wheelers

For the 2020 Club Time Trial season we are asking riders to register if they wish to compete in the league and gain league points.

Basically if you will be riding most of the league events, register, if you know you will only be able to ride a few events, and are not bothered about getting points for the few you ride, don’t register.

Non registered riders will still get their placing on the night and be eligible for “Ride of the Night” award. And provided they became a first claim member before the 1st June of the league year, will count in championship events.

We now have split the Scratch league into an A and B league, allowing riders in the lower speed bracket to contend for an overall league win, as well as the handicap title, so by asking riders to register their intention to compete for points should ensure points are awarded to those who need them.

A registration form will be sent out via email, and will be displayed at sign on once racing starts.

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